Sunday, November 1, 2015

The wisdom of Harper Lee

"I still plod along with books."

She wrote "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Gregory Peck and Harper Lee
It's been about 75 years since Harper Lee was a child in a Depression-era community where—imagine!—just about the only thing kids had to do was reading books. She's still a confirmed bibliophile, and that's not hard for me to believe. A lady who had "To Kill A Mockingbird" inside her head, waiting to come out, couldn't possibly be anything else….

A few years back Ms. Lee wrote a letter to Oprah, and said a few things very nicely—here's the whole text—and I’d like to share those sentiments:

"…in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books. Instant information is not for me. I prefer to search library stacks because when I work to learn something, I remember it.
"And, Oprah, can you imagine curling up in bed to read a computer? Weeping for Anna Karenina and being terrified by Hannibal Lecter, entering the heart of darkness with Mistah Kurtz, having Holden Caulfield ring you up — some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal."

Minds like empty rooms. Indeed.

Soft pages. Indeed.

Make yourself another cuppa, and grab that book you've been reading…turn your mind on.

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