Monday, February 22, 2016

Fahrenheit 451, anyone?

Jordan Weissmann at calls it “The Decline of the American Book Lover.”

Suppose it’s a decline of literacy….

Recent results from the Pew Research Center say that 23% of American adults didn’t read a book in the previous year, not in hard copy, not on Kindle, not on an iPad, not as book-on-tape, no book, no how….

In 1978 only 8% of grownups confessed that they hadn’t read a book all year.

Where have all the book readers gone?

Now, of course, I get it, about three-quarters of Americans DID read at least one book last year, using one or more of the technologies available. That’s a big slice.

But there’s so much stuff in books that you really, really can’t get from any other media.

Too bad so many folks don’t feel that urge to pick up a book. I hope they aren’t scaring any kids away from the reading habit. That’s the scary part….

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